A Window Into Your Reservoir

Our technology is based on microfluidics - the science of the flow of liquids within micrometer and nanometer sized channels. Microfluidics enables us to create real live working models of your oil & gas reservoirs within a lab setting.

Visualize your reservoir on a deeper level 

Our technology brings your reservoir to the sensory level so you can better understand, protect & optimize production. See, hold & test a living micromodel of your reservoir in real time ("reservoir on a chip"). Understand how fluids behave in your exact reservoir conditions. Beyond analysis, you can actually see how fluids interact within your reservoir in real time! 

  • Microfluidic Chip Fabrication - Increased Accuracy & Control

    All of our microfluidic chips are made of two pieces of material bonded together. (1) Material etched with a pattern to allow fluids to flow through in a controlled way, (2) Unetched material, the "lid" to seal the system. 

    To meet the wide spectrum of our clients' needs, we employ 3 different types of microfluidic chips. Each chip type is optimal for different reservoir tests and allows for the exact control of different reservoir variables, whether that is temperature, pressure, surface properties, etc.

  • Micromodels for Oil & Gas - Powerful analytics

     Whether we are looking at flow through tight oil and gas or unconsolidated oil sand, we are able to provide quantitative analysis of flow through porous media by tailoring the properties of our models to your reservoir.


    Our micromodels can be manufactured in any pattern from real rock to a uniform reservoir.  Real rock patterns are taken from photos of core sample, random and uniform networks are generated mathematically to achieve the required reservoir parameters.  


  • Fluid Analysis - Predictive power

    The oil and gas industry relies on understanding of how fluids behave at the extreme temperatures and pressures involved in production. Access to fluid property data allows companies to prevent reservoir damage, reduce waste, capture additional revenue, and use less energy during production.

    Microfluidic methods are the fastest, most accurate, and cheapest way to get a quantitative understanding of fluid properties like viscosity, diffusion, minimum miscibility pressure, and phase behaviour.


It just makes more sense.

From pregnancy to disease testing microfluidic technologies have been effectively replacing traditional analytics for decades because it's just more efficient. Microfluidic reservoir models are more accurate and demand less energy than the large facilities used in traditional analytics, changing the way you can do business.

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